everything you need
is within you.

affirmations, birth work & creative healing tools by Angelica Marie. 

Black woman with afro growing out of a flower pot with a green leaf and yellow swirl in the background

karasi = life & wisdom

Hi, I’m Angelica Marie. I’m a Creative and Doula based in Northern New Jersey. I started Karasi as a way to heal, grow and support people like me on their own journeys. We are all Karasi because life and wisdom are already within us. I am passionate about using creativity to inspire self-love, self-advocacy within all of us. 

doula care + photography.

Karasi Birth thrives in the intersection of birth, affirmation and creativity. I provide birth doula support and photography services in the Northern New Jersey area. These services are curated to your specific needs. 

Pregnant woman in pink dress with plants growing around her
Illustration of black woman with green hair and green earrings with eyes closed plants growing around her

let's get creative.

Using art for self-care and healing is at the core of the Karasi belief system. Check out the shop for our creative healing tools and goods. Proceeds from every purchase go towards facilitating workshops and providing accessible doula care to families in Northern New Jersey.