Monthly Archives: November 2016

It Starts With Self.

I know many of us are feeling very down and confused right now. We see this dark¬†cloud moving in above us and we feel like we have no shelter from it. America just found the perfect head to go on its racist, ignorant body. The body many people have tried […]

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What’s For Me Is Already Mine

What’s for me is already mine, So I shouldn’t worry. currently listening to: Daley – Those Who Wait Last week, a couple of people I know got engaged. I found myself full of mixed emotions and I could not understand what I was feeling. Of course I was happy for […]

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How I Took The Plunge

currently listening to: little dragon – pretty girls¬† Hello! First, I would like to thank everyone who has supported Karasi thus far. I took a chance starting this movement because I did not know what would come of it. I still don’t. But I knew that I owed it to […]

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