November 11, 2016

It Starts With Self.

I know many of us are feeling very down and confused right now. We see this dark cloud moving in above us and we feel like we have no shelter from it. America just found the perfect head to go on its racist, ignorant body. The body many people have tried to say doesn’t exist. It rose up from the shadows and now we have to stare it in the face. Some of us have been poked by this body since the day we were born. But now there’s nowhere to hide from it. Now it’s grown big enough and strong enough to walk the streets freely. I personally feel afraid and let down. As I was reflecting on all that has happened this year and all that is to come, I reminded myself that even though we have lost this battle there’s still a war out there. I know we can win by spreading love, uniting and ruling out hate. It might not be immediate but I do believe it is possible. That’s where self care comes in. When you have a strong foundation of love and knowledge of self, it’s harder to break you. Self care is important now more than ever.


Please take care of yourselves. take care of others. Fill your heart with so much love and compassion that there is no room for hate.

So what exactly is self care? Self care is any conscious action you take to care for yourself physically, mentally or emotionally. Many people think of self care as one act of self-indulgence or one day out of the week, but self care is something that should be implemented in your everyday life.

It is not selfish to care for yourself and put yourself first.

It’s as simple as spending 10 mins or more doing something you enjoy everyday. Here are some self care tips to navigate these scary times and shine light on yourself and others.


Social media is a gift and a curse. You get real-time connections to anywhere in the world but you can also be exposed to negativity and other feelings that mess with your spirit. It is important to unplug every once in a while. I used to wake up every morning and immediately get on twitter or Facebook. What I didn’t realize was by doing this, I was allowing social media to dictate my mood for the day. Try not getting on social media during your first hour of waking up. This gives you time to ease into the day. Replace your scrolling time with reading a book or journaling. If you must use social media, stay out of the comments section. It will do wonders for your peace. Protect yourself from toxic environments.

Treat yo’ Body.

This can be as simple as going for a walk, practicing yoga or hitting the gym. It’s a great way to clear your mind and also helps you to get in tune with your body and what it needs. Drink more water, eat fruits and veggies. Get enough sleep and stick to a consistent sleep schedule. Pamper yourself by taking a bath with your favorite essential oils or sugar scrub. Do what makes your body feel good!

Clear your mind.

Journaling has helped me tremendously. Getting my feelings out of my head and on paper allows me to move forward. I use journaling for expression, reflection or just jotting down ideas. Write about what makes you angry, what scares you or what you are thankful for. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Go for a walk. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Dance a little.

Do something for yourself everyday. Make it a priority. Take care of yourself, take care of your family and your friends. Loving and caring for yourself is a revolutionary act and it makes you a vessel for spreading love to others. When you love yourself, they can’t defeat you.

Here are some additional resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7: 1-800-273-8255.

I’mAlive is a live online network that uses instant messaging to respond to people in crisis.

Blaque and Blue is a community dedicated to promoting mental and emotional wellness in women of color.

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