Life Lessons

What I’m Leaving In 2016

As 2016 winds down and 2017 rapidly approaches, I took time to reflect on all that has happened this year in my life and around the world. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. I laughed, cried, wasted time and also learned more about who I […]

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My breakthrough moment.

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. My dad has been in the hospital for almost a month now (he’s okay), it’s a heavy season at work and I just really haven’t had any time to spend with my boyfriend like I’d like to even though we live together. […]

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What’s For Me Is Already Mine

What’s for me is already mine, So I shouldn’t worry. currently listening to: Daley – Those Who Wait Last week, a couple of people I know got engaged. I found myself full of mixed emotions and I could not understand what I was feeling. Of course I was happy for […]

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How I Took The Plunge

currently listening to: little dragon – pretty girls  Hello! First, I would like to thank everyone who has supported Karasi thus far. I took a chance starting this movement because I did not know what would come of it. I still don’t. But I knew that I owed it to […]

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