I Am Magic: Affirmations for BIPOC Women

Affirmation cards designed specifically for BIWoC. For us, by us. Change your mindset, change your life. Affirmations are power!


Affirmations have the power to change your mindset and help you empower yourself by providing positive reinforcement and rewriting your internal monologue. Words hold a lot of weight. Especially the ones that we speak to ourselves. Affirmation cards are an easy way to visualize these affirmations and take them with you on your day-to-day.

I Am Magic Affirmation cards are a collection of 25 affirmations designed by a black woman for other Black, Indigenous and Women of Color (BIPOC). They were created to promote self-love and celebration amongst BIWoC. They are a distinct and thoughtful gift for yourself or any women who needs to be reminded that she is strong, special and deserves to be celebrated.

*Featured in the October 2017 & 2019 Black Butterfly Subscription Box! 

Usage Tips

Start reading these words every day. Copy them and display them in areas that you frequent.

  1. Shuffle the cards and choose one that stands out to you or select a card that reflects an area where you currently need positive reinforcement. You can also choose to read through the entire deck.
  2. Read the card aloud and think about each word. Visualize the words.
  3. Reflect on what you are reading and think about each affirmation as an action, not a thought.
  4. Repeat The Affirmation(s) 3-5 times.
  5. If needed, carry the card with you or place it in a place that is highly visible.

Affirmation Card Activities

  • Pick an affirmation and reflect on what the words mean to you in your journal.
  • Turn your affirmation practice into a  ritual. Read the cards aloud in the mirror and speak the words into existence.
  • Art activity: Select an affirmation and use it as the basis for an art piece. What does this affirmation make you feel? What feelings arise?

Dimensions: 2.6in x 3.6in, 25 cards in a pouch for easy transport.