I Am Awesome: Affirmations for Daughters

Positive affirmations designed to promote self-love & confidence amongst young black, indigenous and daughters of color. Words have power.


Teaching your daughter to use positive affirmations can help build their self esteem and also boost their confidence. The words we use have power because we believe the things we tell ourselves. In a world that is constantly trying to break us down, the build up starts at home and affirmations are a great building block. They have the power to reframe our thinking and reinforce positive feelings of self.

I Am Awesome Affirmation Cards are a collection of 25 positive affirmations designed to promote self-love and confidence amongst young daughters. These affirmation cards feature hand-drawn illustrations and positive affirmations that were intuitively created. They are a distinct and thoughtful gift for your daughter, niece or any young person who needs to be reminded that they are strong, special and that they matter.

Positive affirmations don’t work unless you do! 

Usage Tips

  1. Shuffle the cards and choose one that stands out to you or select a card that reflects an area where you currently need positive reinforcement. You can also choose to read through the entire deck.
  2. Read the card aloud and think about each word. Visualize the words.
  3. Reflect on what you are reading and think about each affirmation as an action, not a thought.
  4. Repeat The Affirmation(s) 3-5 times.
  5. If needed, carry the card with you or place it in a place that is highly visible.

Affirmation Activities

  • Pick an affirmation and reflect on what the words mean to you in your journal.
  • You can use these cards as a bonding activity between you and your child. Take turns reading the cards aloud in the mirror. You can even turn it into a morning ritual.
  • Art activity: Select an affirmation and use it as the basis for an art piece. What does this affirmation make you feel? What feelings arise?


Dimensions: 2.6in x 3.6in, 25 cards in a pouch for easy transport.